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Costa Blanca in Spain, or... Sudovia (Suwalszczyzna) in Poland

We invite you to one of our three locations. SIRVIS Apartments is an intimate guesthouse in the magical Sudovia Region (Suwalszczyzna) in Poland. VillaVieja17 and SunPola Penthouse are two locations on Costa Blanca in Spain.

When traveling, we always paid attention to details. It’s the details that create the unforgettable atmosphere and give a place a soul. We always wanted to create places that are one of a kind, full of life and good vibes.

SIRVIS Apartments is our first location and we poured our hearts into building it. With heads full of experience and hearts longing for the sun, we discovered Alicante. Here we launched VillaVieja17. One day, during our trip to Tabarca, there was another discovery, and… We found a home to our new dream, SunPola Penthouse.

SIRVIS Apartments - Sudovia - Poland

where the purest form of nature meets you

Sudovia is a magical place, saturated with fairytale sceneries. You can meet the unique beauty of nature virtually at every step. The natural wonders of the region include Lake Serwy. It is one of the most beautiful and cleanest lakes in Poland, perfect place to rest and enjoy various forms of recreation. Among this natural scenery you will find SIRVIS Apartments. We are not an ordinary place. If you are bored of hotels, looking for comfortable conditions in a warm atmosphere, you want to avoid crowds and escape the noise, stay close to nature and explore the unknown Sudovia… We would like to invite you to SIRVIS Apartments, an intimate guesthouse located on the shores of Lake Serwy.


SunPola Penthouse - Santa Pola - Spain

top quality apartment by the sandy beach

Santa Pola is a small coastal town, very close to Alicante, major tourist destination in Costa Blanca. Its attraction lies in its kilometers of golden sandy beaches combined with the tremendous climate. In the southern part of the town, just 50 meters from Playa Tamarit, you will find our SunPola Penthouse. It is truly the top-quality accommodation located on the top floor of the building, the comfortable, modern apartment, surrounded by a specious balcony. The balcony and our roof terrace offer great views of Tamarit Beach and nearby buildings. Here, drinking some wine, you can enjoy colorful sunsets.