Useful info

Useful info

Łukasz Łukasz 15/09/2019 hints & tips
OUR ADDRESS: Calle Villavieja 17, 1st floor (apartments A and B) and 3rd floor (apartments SEA and SKY),
03002 Alicante, Spain

Alicante’s international airport is situated 11 kilometers south of the city and is called “Alicante-Elche”. It is one of the most important airports in the country.


The cheapest way to get to VillaVieja17 is by urban bus C-6. A single ticket costs €3,85. The bus departs every 20 minutes and it takes around 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic. Our bus stop is at Plaza Puerta del Mar. A taxi costs around €20 with a journey time around 15-20 minutes. You might also decide to take Hoppa transfer. They provide a range of vehicles and are pre-bookable online.

Alicante has a public transport network connecting the most important points in the city and the province by bus. You can also use the tram to get to the city´s metropolitan area and the main towns of interest along the north coast of the Costa Blanca: Campello, Benidorm, Altea and Denia amongst others.


Easy to get hold of if you want to stop one on the street. Fare meters are used. In order to book a taxi, including taxis adapted for the handicapped, there are several local companies:
Radio Tele Taxi: +34 965 101 611
Area Taxi: +34 965 910 591
Euro Taxi: +34 965 240 707
You might also try CABIFY, reliable peer-to-peer transportation services provider.

We are using NUKI Smart Lock in order to give you freedom with check-in and check-out. There is no need to set appointment in order to hand over a key, so no worries about delayed flights, or other unforeseen events. We have 100% stress-free entrance system. How do you get in? It is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. You receive a key-codes for an entrance door to our building and our studio apartment. We will send them over e-mail prior to your arrival
  2. You locate a keypad on the wall, next to the studio-apartment entrance – see a red arrow on a photo
  3. You enter a six digits code – each digit lights up a small light on a keypad – and the door will be opened automatically

Inside you will locate keys. This is “just in case solution”. There are three keys – entry to the building, entry to our studio-apartment, entry to a roof-terrace. Since our smart lock requires special type of a cylinder, in the case of a key loss, there is a charge of €100. Therefore, we highly recommend usage of a key-code for the entry door opening. ATTENTION! PLEASE DO NOT LOCK THE ENTRANCE DOOR TO THE BUILDING WITH A KEY. There is no such need, and what is important, it is an evacuation route in case of an emergency.


Sometimes our Guests ask for some restaurants recommendations. Everyone has it’s own taste, so it is not an easy task. Nevertheless, we share with you some of our favorite places. Here is our subjective TOP list and links to their web pages:

La Crispeta –
Madness –
In Bocca Al Lupo –
Bodeguita 1999 –
Picaro 1999 –
Tandoori House –
Mish Mish –
Plaza Canalla –


If you wish to warm up the apartment, please make sure you select a heat mode on a remote control (see red mark below). Then you set required temperature. Remember, it will not make any difference in pace of heating, regardless of selection of 21 or 30 degrees, so be reasonable. Now, you must wait couple of minutes (up to 5-10 minutes) before the heating starts working. Remember, it will not blow hot air immediately, so be patient here. It is also recommended to set a fan speed to auto.

Cooling is a bit easier. Please select cool mode on a remote, and then set up required temperature. Again, be reasonable here, and take care of the planet. 21 degrees is OK, and 15 will not fasten the cooling process.

We all are aware of the global energy crisis and global warming. When leaving the apartment, DO NOT FORGET TO TURN OFF LIGHTS AND AIR-CONDITIONING. Thank you on behalf of future generations!

We do not have any dedicated area in our building, outside of our apartments, for safe storage of your luggage. Whenever we can, we try to be flexible regarding check-in / check-out hours. Unfortunately, quite often we have Guests checking-out and checking-in on the same day. In such cases, there is no room for flexibility, because we haver very limited time for preparation of our apartments for the new Guests.

We found three places nearby that offer luggage storage service:

  • LOCKERSGO >>> is a self-service storage area. It is located nearby our building (250 m away), on the way to a C6 bus stop. The address is Calle San Telmo 7. Here, based on online reservation system, you book your storage locker. It’s fast, easy, safe, and what’s most important, available 24/7.
  • WE LOVE LOCKERS ALICANTE >>> is another self-service storage service. It is in the city center, close to Plaza del Ayuntamiento. The address is Calle Altamira 24 (about 330 m from VillaVieja17). Here, based on online reservation system, you book your storage locker. It’s secured, available 24/7, easy to use, affordable.
  • BLUE BIKE >>> is located on the same street, about 100 m away from our building. Their address is Calle Mayor 45. Here you can store your luggage, but… You can also rent a bike or have a wonderful bike trip.


Often you are asking about availability of a washing machine. We do not offer laundry services in our apartments. However, we have located a quality self-service laundry in a very close distance (about 200 m) from our apartments. The address is Carrer de Jorge Juan 13.


Just in case, you arrive at VillaVieja17 by car, or you might be thinking of renting a car, please be aware that you are going to face a “parking challenge”. Our studio-apartments are located in the heart of the city’s old town. Parking places here are very limited. Please note that there is restriction concerning car access to the area. Moreover, some streets are marked as restricted and monitored area. Breaking this rule you take the risk of being fined.

There is a parking lot – see a photo below – right behind our building. It is available for free, but accessible only to people living in the area, based on a special permission. If you decide to leave your car there, put a short note with your address (Calle Villavieja 17, 1 st. or 3rd floor) behind your windshield. There is another large parking lot just few minutes away, and it is located along the Postiguet Beach. In our opinion it is less “ticket-risky area”.

If not in the parking, you must search for some available parking spots along the old town streets (photos below: C. Jorge Juan > Pl. Paseito Ramiro > C. de la Virgen del Socorro > C. Dona Violante > Avinguda de Denia – local line going along the main street).

Country code: + 34. Area code: 965/966. You have to dial the area code even when you are in Alicante.


220-240 volts